Loxon is a trusted business solutions provider with more than 20 years of experience in the field of end-to-end credit management. We are offering comprehensive, integrated lending, collection and risk management solutions for the financial services industry.

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History and milestones

January 2000

A Star is born

The company starts as a single-customer company, delivering bespoke solutions for Raiffeisen Bank Hungary. Loxon is the first to work with thin client Java™ technology at the bank. Also, within an order, our first product, Loxon Retail Lending system is designed.
January 2003

Picnic in hyde park

Reflecting on our initial successes, it becomes clear that there is a long-term demand for our business solutions; thus, it’s worth focusing on our core competences and considering a product portfolio. Whilst attending the Oracle Openworld Europe conference in London in order to introduce our Basel II Calculation Engine, the two executives of Loxon take a rest in Hyde Park and lay the foundations of a strategy that will define the business in the years to come. Loxon starts to develop business solutions in the areas of lending, risk management and collection.
January 2003

So it begins

Taking the first step on the way of expansion, Loxon wins its second customer. The third company product, Loxon Collection System, is designed within the order.
January 2004

International opening

The Loxon Basel II Calculation Engine is implemented in Romania’s market leader bank, Banca Comercială Română for market risk management with the strong support of our international partner, Oracle. The cooperation will further evolve in the following year with the delivery of Loxon’s Corporate Lending System.
January 2007

Unstoppable conquest

The Loxon Basel II system is implemented in Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Jordan. It’s a strategically important milestone, as one of the company’s expansion targets is this market.
January 2007

From Budapest to the Danube delta

Our Romanian office opens in the capital, and becomes the OFSAA and business intelligence competence centre of the company. The local team works on implementing the Oracle BI and OFSAA systems first, and later the operation also includes enterprise data warehouse and advanced analytics implementations.
January 2011

Open sesame

Due to the growing number of Middle Eastern customers, Loxon decides to open an office in Dubai, the centre of the MEA region. The goal is to provide an increased presence for local customers, and to build sales support.
January 2012

The big deal

Czech Home Credit International chooses Loxon Collection System as group standard. The solution is implemented in all 7 countries where Home Credit operates, including the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and China.
January 2016

Innovation impemented

Loxon opens an innovation centre and sets up an independent team in Debrecen in order to place more emphasis on the implementation of the latest technologies. The focus is on artificial intelligence and its use in the financial sector, and on building a low-code platform for the sake of flexibility and quick implementations.
January 2017

Hiring spree

The expansion of the company and the number of new projects requires the recruitment of large numbers of new colleagues. Our crew has doubled in six years, from 100 to 200.
January 2018

The rise of the machines

The first projects in which artificial intelligence is applied as the basis for a smart and extremely sensitive early warning solution are implemented in two banks, one in Europe and one in the Middle East.
January 2019

Boarding the flying dutchman

This milestone reflects the strengthening of Loxon’s Western European orientation.

Our vision

To make finances easy for everyone by providing human-centric business solutions in the lending ecosystem.

Our mission

To deliver innovative, integrated business solutions that simplify credit management for financial organizations, utilizing our in-depth industry expertise, agility and creativity.

Our executive team

Tamás Erni, CEO of Loxon
Tamás Erni
Ádám Kocsis Partner, Sales Consulting Director can be seen
Ádám Kocsis
Partner, Sales Consulting Director
Gábor Bicskei Chief Technology Officer of Loxon can be seen.
Gábor Bicskei
Chief Technology Officer
Csilla Tarján Alliances and Channels Director of Loxon
Csilla Tarján
Alliances and Channels Director
Zsolt Oláh Chief Financial Officer of Loxon
Zsolt Oláh
Chief Financial Officer
András Bali Head of Delivery of Loxon
András Bali
Head of Delivery
Vanda Fehér HR Manager of Loxon
Vanda Fehér
HR Manager
Gabriel Serbanescu Oracle Practice Director of Loxon
Gabriel Serbanescu
Oracle Practice
...and more than 200 dedicated employees whose hard work make our company more powerful


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Award logo, representing Loxon's win or participation.

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Primary contact details

Loxon Solutions Zrt.
Lőportár utca 20/binfo@loxon.eu
1134 Budapest, Hungaryfacebook.com/LoxonBusinessSolutions
+36 1 789 0626linkedin.com/company/loxon

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