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Rigorous risk management standards, which have recently coincided with increasing
complexities and evolving threats in the global landscape, underscore the paramount
importance of effective risk management in today’s financial institutions. Rest assured,
our comprehensive Risk Suite will equip you with the tools and expertise to navigate
these challenges confidently and emerge stronger and more resilient.

Our business solutions

Who should be provided with a loan? This is the key
question, i.e. the question of credit rating and credit scoring,
faced by traditional commercial banking. The answer seems
quite obvious in theory but less so in practice: anyone who
will pay back your loan, increased by fees, commissions and
interest amounts that cover all your costs, plus a margin
which makes it profitable for you.

Loxon Collateral Management System allows financial
institutions to streamline and monitor their collateral
portfolio within a structured framework and
comprehensive data model. All types of collaterals are
managed including commercial and residential real
estates, moveables, equipments or any other tangible or
intangible assets with dedicated fields and documents.

What is Early Warning? Loxon’s early warning system is a
risk monitoring application providing efficient support to
your credit monitoring activity. The main goal of EWS is
to identify possible threats in retail and/or non-retail
credit portfolio (in early stage) and to support the Bank to
take the necessary measures on time.

Provisioning standards have been significantly improved
in the previous years, requiring enormous resources from
the Banks to comply with the regulatory and internal
requirements.The Loxon IFRS 9 Calculation Engine is a
system providing a comprehensive solution for automatic
calculation of Loan Loss Provisions based on IFRS 9
regulations and country specific rules.

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