Loxon Collection System is intended to provide you with broad and flexible support for managing past due deals (bad credits). It handles any delinquent deal through the whole default life cycle, from the date of delinquency up until the date of repayment or until resolving the claim in any other way.


  • Provide you with a high standard debt collection System for all business lines (retail, sme, corporate)
  • Flexibly map your collection strategies and workflows with graphical editor and help fine tuning them with the Champion/ Challenger method
  • Support you in contacting your customers via any channels: phone calls, warning letters, SMS and emails
  • Cover your hard collection processes (debt selling, write off, etc.) Support your legal workflows (execution, court processes, etc.) Support automatic actions and decisions such as checking payment promises, skip tracing, automatic notice, etc.
  • Support the communication with external agencies
  • Handle different types of collaterals, register and allocate costs
  • Maintain the operators’ task lists in real-time
  • Calculate collection score reflecting the customer’s risks and behavior
  • Provide reports to different management levels

Main advantages


Reduce average days past due and increase total recovery in your portfolio

Custom workflow

Create score based collection strategies and build your custom tailored collection workflows


Measure the costs and efficiency of your strategies, processes, decisions and operators


Monitor and control the full collection lifecycle with only one transparent management tool


Respond to new challenges or apply new strategies from the best time-to-market position


Increase the level of customer contacts and customer satisfaction by targeting the right resource to the right customer


Make your strategies and processes more efficient using best practices of the collection industry


Have a precise overview – monitor the structure and the changes of your delinquent portfolio

Data handling

Handle all of your collection-related data (past dues, delayed accounts, history, customer past behavior) in one system together

Loxon Collection System
benefits and perks

You can manage the parameterization of the System either through the user-friendly interface, or from a UML tool. Thus, you can define you business processes and rules in the graphical tool, and then simply load the parameterized model into the System.

With Loxon Collection System, you can quickly adapt your collection processes to changing business requirements. You can execute almost any task from its user interface, such as phone calls (supported by progressive and predictive dialer), document printing, SMS, e-mail sending, on-line data query, and many others.

More than that, the System provides you with additional assistance in executing routine tasks automatically (printing certain types of documents, sending SMS and e-mails, checking a customer’s payment promise, etc.).

Core tasks of the systems

You can handle both outbound and inbound documents more easily with the document handling module

You define document templates simply in Microsoft Word with the template generator

The software recognizes your web browser’s setting and applies the relevant language file

The complete System can be translated to your preferred language in a couple of days

You can review any time the functioning and efficiency of the collection process and receive recovery analytics

You can create ad-hoc new reports with the report builder

Our valued customers

How does the Collection System
work for you?

The software is capable of managing different collection strategies by using behavioral scoring data, limit data or other customer/deal attributes (these can be easily changed by you in the Collection System).

Its flexible parameterization can also be used for managing Champion/Challenger strategies, as an efficient way of testing new workflows/methods.

In accordance with your client-oriented business model, the Collection System is able to handle processes not only based on deals but also on customers. (E.g., when an outgoing call task is connected not to single accounts, but to the customer, the operator can manage all client-related deals together).

It complements perfectly our other state-of-the-art software tools, such as the Loxon Corporate Lending and Retail Lending System, used in loan origination.

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