Loxon’s next-generation Collection System is a business solution designed to
support financial institutions with personalised collection strategies and
strengthened customer relationships. It focuses on omnichannel communications
and self-service payment methods so banks can build closer relationships with
customers, ultimately leading to better solvency and financial returns.

Trusted by more than 25 clients worldwide

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Discover the power of Loxon's next-generation Collection
System empowered by advanced AI

Our next-generation collection service is a cloud-native business solution that has been designed to help banks manage delinquencies and maximise recoveries through personalised strategies. With AI-powered capabilities, it provides real-time insights into customer payment behaviour, enabling proactive identification and prevention of delinquency risks.


Decrease in average
time to resolve a case


Improvement in
recovery rate


Decrease in cost
of collection

How does our SaaS collection system
support financial institutions


We support banks in transforming debt collection into a positive customer experience, boosting the efficiency of operational workflows, helping to create a more productive and pleasant working environment for team members by delivering cutting-edge technological innovations


We use state-of-the-art technology to bring breakthrough digital collection systems, designed for neo-banks to support and secure their competitive edge for the future.


Designing business solutions by bringing the latest industry expertise to a wide range of businesses including mortgage providers, P2P platforms, SME lenders, leasing companies and utilities.

Why our clients love us

  • Jank Cenkr, Former Head of Software Development, EmbedIT, 2019 sharing testiominal for Loxon's next-generation Collection
    Home Credit B.V. fortifies its collection practice with Loxon’s Collection System

    Home Credit B.V. selected Loxon Solutions for its Collection System because we were looking for a flexible, scalable and robust solution. and a long-term relationship with the solution provider. The final shortlist of three potential partners was evaluated on stringent parameters: their credibility, financial positions, and strength of the solutions based on proof of concepts. Loxon Solution’s Collection System was thus awarded the mandate.
    • Jan Cenkr,
    • Former Head of Software Development, EmbedIT, 2019
  • Loxon implemented its solution for the Egyptian Collateral Registry

    Loxon was and is still the backbone for availing the solution of the Egyptian Collateral Registry ECR, where the system was fully developed and implemented as per the Egyptian law and regulatory requirements, in a timely manner and with the supplier exhibiting outstanding professionalism. Loxon provided all support and dedication to our company to achieve the system which enabled Egypt to be acknowledged by Doing Business report 2019 issued by World Bank Group.
    • Karim El Dine Hamdy,
    • Director Collateral Registry, I-Score, 2020

Make strong connections to maximise recovery rates


Efficient debt prevention

Pre-collection is a highly effective way of preventing overdue customers from becoming debtors by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. By using Loxon's state-of-the-art data analysis and segmentation, enables to identification of potentially delinquent accounts earlier, enabling proactive communication with debtors by using different communication channels (email, SMS, automated reminders)


The power of personalised communication

In the early stages of debt collection, it's crucial to address delinquent accounts immediately. A customer-centric strategy that focuses on personalised communications is essential. Instead of generic templates or automated messages, tailor interactions to each customer. This personal touch builds stronger relationships and increases recovery rates. By using Loxon's methods, risks can be minimised and leading to better collection results.


Seamless collaboration, superior results

Experience outstanding results with Loxon's cutting-edge solution. Our advanced system streamlines the entire workflow for late and legal stages, automating repetitive tasks and fostering seamless collaboration. It delivers intelligent task management, follow-up reminders and real-time portfolio tracking, enabling efficiency and maximising profitability.


Why consider
Collection SaaS?

No CapEx.
No maintenance.
Continuous innovation.

Collection On-premises

For some of our clients, staying on-prem is a strict requirement. Loxon’s end-to-end collection system is used by leading financial institutions across the world. It is designed for reliability, efficiency and flexibility for institutions that want to radically improve collection outcomes and customer satisfaction.

What we achieved at part of Collection?

0 +
number of clients
0 +
number of
accounts treated
0 +
Above 100 billion USD
past due loans

What takes collection impact to the next level?

Level up responsible collection practices for a higher positive impact on
customers and the bottom line:

  • Real-time analytics-based early hardship detection for delinquency prevention
  • Continuous monitoring of vulnerability risk indicators and provision of tailored assistance
  • Compliance automation based on parameters and automated workflows
  • Advanced regulatory reporting and data provision capabilities
  • A record of all collection events to ensure auditability

We have some exciting screens for you

Advanced task management
Fully automate or digitally enhance task management and execution with workspaces designed for experience and productivity.
Personalised resolutions
Personalise promise-to-pay and automate monitoring. Digitise the restructuring process and provide affordable repayment plans.
Self-service application
Simplify debt management and improve financial wellbeing of customers. Educate, empower and assist them to stay on track.

Integrated low code/no-code
builder for high flexibility and
better responsiveness

The no-code capabilities overarch the entire
composable application experience from the stage of
building the system through parameterisation to the
customisation of workspace user interfaces.

It offers the following simultaneously

  • API builder
  • Data modeller
  • Segmentation and status management too
  • Automated workflow builder
  • Communication strategy builder
  • Business logic and decision designer
  • UI builder

Gain ecosystem advantage built on a competitive architecture

Actionable data

Drive personalised strategies and dynamically adapt them to changing behavior

  • Real-time data access, aggregation, and automated transformation
  • AI enabled decisioning, real-time trigger streaming

Standard APIs

Rapid integrations and interoperability in an evolving ecosystem

  • Integrate with any core banking system
  • Connect seamlessly to your DMS, communication engine, and CRM
  • Create new APIs with simplicity


Go quickly from sandbox to live application

  • Start with a business validated template
  • Try and test new functionality in a sandbox

Dynamic scalability

Adapt dynamically to unexpected surges in delinquencies

  • Scale without disturbance to performance
  • Minimise costs under fluctuating capacity needs

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  • Taking debt collection to a whole new level

    Our newest white paper is a comprehensive guide that delves deeply into effective debt collection strategies to maximise recovery rates and ways to enhance customer experience.

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For some of our clients, staying on-prem is a strict requirement. Loxon’s end-to-end collection system is used by leading financial institutions across the world. It is designed for reliability, efficiency and flexibility for institutions that want radically to improve collection outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Loxon’s early warning system is a risk monitoring application providing efficient support to your credit monitoring activity. The main goal of EWS is to identify possible threats in retail and/or non-retail credit portfolio (in early stage) and to support the Bank to take the necessary measures on time.ion outcomes and customer satisfaction.

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