Empowering CFOs with Data: Tamás Erni discusses future of financial decision making in Fintech Finance News interview (VIDEO)
4 Apr. 2023

Tamás Erni, the CEO of Loxon was recently interviewed by Fintech Finance News at the MoneyLive Summit. During the interview, he discussed Loxon’s expertise in credit management solutions and their ability to make the collection process a positive experience for customers, especially in light of the current economic circumstances.

He also highlighted Loxon’s work with Neo and digital banks in Europe and Asia, and their data-driven approach to building scoring models, collection strategies, and early warning models.

Tamás further elaborated on the role of the CFO of the future, who will have a dashboard with order information about the bank’s portfolio and will be an active part of the bank’s business, making data-driven decisions based on the bank’s financial position.

He emphasized the importance of mutually satisfactory solutions when dealing with problem loans and the challenges faced by banks of all sizes in embracing the digital revolution.

The interview covered a range of topics, including:

  • How Loxon enables banks of all sizes to embrace the new way of looking at customers that has emerged due to the digital revolution.
  • How Loxon’s systems look at data entry points to streamline the risk proposal for banks looking to get into lending or improve their credit checks.
  • The differences between data providers in Western Europe versus Asia and Eastern Europe, and how Loxon collects data to build scoring models and other solutions in these regions.
  • The future role of the CFO and how Loxon’s solutions can help CFOs make data-driven decisions to ensure a strong financial position for their organizations

To learn more about Loxon’s data-driven financial solutions and Tamás’s insights on the future of financial decision making, watch the full interview.