Loxon has been honoured as a winner of the Infosys Finacle Partner Excellence Awards 2023.
20 Oct. 2023

Loxon Honoured as Winner in the Infosys Finacle Partner Excellence Awards 2023

Loxon, a leading business solution provider, is delighted to announce its remarkable achievement as a winner in the prestigious ‘Infosys Finacle Partner Excellence Awards

2023′. The award program recognizes top-performing partners for their exceptional  contributions to the success of Finacle clients. Loxon has been recognized as the ‘Rising Star Partner FY23’ for its outstanding work with Finacle throughout the fiscal year 2023.

The Infosys Finacle Partner Excellence Awards program celebrates partners who have demonstrated proficiency, innovation, and commitment in delivering state-of-the-art  solutions and services. Loxon’s recognition as a ‘Rising Star Partner’ reflects its unwavering dedication to driving excellence in the financial technology sector.

Commenting on this achievement, Tamás Erni, CEO of Loxon, expressed his gratitude for the recognition. “We are honoured to be named a winner in the Infosys Finacle Partner Excellence Awards 2023. This accolade showcases the incredible synergy between Loxon and Finacle. It reaffirms our dedication to delivering human-centric and value-driven solutions to our clients.”

Loxon’s recognition as the ‘Rising Star Partner FY23’ highlights its rapid growth and positive impact on Finacle clients. The company’s exceptional work throughout the fiscal year 2023 underscores its proven capability to provide innovative, client-centric solutions in  collaboration with Finacle.

Loxon remains committed to achieving new heights of success and providing groundbreaking solutions that empower financial institutions globally. This year’s ‘Rising Star Partner’ award highlights Loxon’s ongoing pursuit of excellence, and the company looks forward to continuing its successful partnership with Finacle clients.

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