Loxon Held its Gala Webinar on the Occasion of its 20th Anniversary
16 Feb. 2021

Loxon held its 20th anniversary gala webinar last Thursday, February 4th. We had the honour of welcoming hundreds of guests to the event, enabling us to celebrate the shared successes of the last two decades together with our customers, partners, current and former colleaguesThe webinar was opened by Robin Amlot, Editor-in-Chief of IBS Intelligence, whose address highlighted the importance of this milestone in the life of a company. He said that according to McKinsey, the average lifespan of companies is 18 years, an accomplishment which Loxon has more than exceeded: today the company continues to grow and prosper.

Referring back to the early years, Kristóf Farkas, company founder, and the first Loxon representative to speak at the event, reflected on the foundation of the company, the initial single-client period, and then the pivotal moment when the company’s strategy was determined during a ‘picnic’ in London’s Hyde Park, a story which has since become legendary in company circles. He emphasised his pride in the Loxon team, in both current and former colleagues who, with their expertise and personal commitment, have contributed to making Loxon one of the market leaders in the field of the risk management, lending and recovery business solutions.

Speaking next, Tamás Erni, CEO, summed up the last twenty years, highlighting the most important moments and milestones for the company, such as the acquisition of the first foreign client in 2004 or the first group-level implementation in 2012 at Home Credit International. He also touched on the consequences of the current pandemic and how Loxon has overcome the obstacles caused by this situation and has managed to keep on serving its customers to the highest levels of quality.

Between addresses from company executives, we had the pleasure of welcoming Brett King, the Australian futurist as our star guest, who inspired the audience with his visionary speech. As a prelude, he described the path taken by successive innovation trends during the last century, from the emergence of automobiles to space travel and the spread of smartphones and robotics. Extrapolating from this, the audience was then treated to a detailed picture of the projected effects of technological evolution and artificial intelligence in the field of lending over the next two decades.

Loxon’s head of innovation and deputy CEO, Zoltán Nánai, was unable to attend the event, so Tamás Erni conveyed his thoughts to the guests. The CEO highlighted the factors that currently have the strongest impact on the financial sector, such as personalised services, instant loans, embedded and comprehensive risk management, open and no-touch banking. He then illustrated how the company is responding to these trends through Loxon’s new collection solution. Artificial intelligence, customer behaviour-based analysis, data-driven decision-making, omnichannel communication, and a revolutionary customer success-centric approach are all integral aspects of the new product.

Last to speak was Anita Vass, HR Director, who introduced the audience to the newly-launched Alumni programme. Fostering the office community and workplace relationships is of paramount importance to Loxon colleagues, so this initiative, launched on the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary, aims to achieve active, two-way communication.

We would like to thank all our guests for their participation, and we hope that we will have the pleasure of celebrating the next 20 years together again.