Loxon releases a new website as part of the rejuvenation of the company’s brand identity
18 Nov. 2022

After Loxon’s 20th anniversary and its record of success in the field of end-to-end credit management solutions, the time has come to update the company’s brand identity, an integral part of which is the launch of our new website. This launch – which is also an important milestone – is in line with our new ways of offering end-to-end credit management Business Solutions now also as Software as a Service (Saas).

“By publishing the company’s new website, we are one step closer to our goal of sharing with more and more market participants that we are committed to expanding our expertise in the SaaS field as well and new solutions for credit management, while continuing to manage today’s challenges in a firm and customer-focused manner”Tamás Erni, CEO of Loxon.

Loxon has always aimed to provide increasingly flexible business solutions for banks and financial institutions. Thus, we have developed and now offer our cloud native, next-generation Collection Business Solution as SaaS. We build solution ecosystems that evolve with our clients, so that they can always respond flexibly and efficiently to protect and enrich their lending relationships with their customers. Growing market awareness of our Business Solutions requires modern visual and content communication to be integrated into the brand identity, as well as one of its integral parts: a modern website.

During the spring, Loxon’s new logo was launched. It kept the infinity sign in the middle, but created alongside this a more modern and clean shape, thereby paying tribute to the past but also signifying the company’s ongoing innovation efforts. Meanwhile, human-centricity was an important guiding principle for designing the website, in keeping with the company’s vision. We sought to create a page that was easy to navigate, featuring cleaner, simple visuals.

Main features

  • We rearranged our Business Solutions and organised them into product groups to help visitors navigate based on these categories. Thanks to this focal structural change, our website visitors will get a comprehensive picture about where exactly we can offer support in the areas of end-to-end credit management.
  • Our new Insight Hub will host contents from Loxon’s professional community. Here, we will publish the latest news about Loxon, other company-related articles, and white papers; we will also show our upcoming offline or online events, which Loxon attends or organises. This section is also where our Thought Leadership materials will be shared.
  • The professional content centre also includes a Blog, which is also available from the main menu. It will host home-grown articles that exhibit our company’s inherent know-how. From time to time, we will also publish content from guest bloggers.
  • To learn more about Loxon’s 20 years of history, click on our About page, which summarises  our company’s history, introduces our management, and lists the awards and recognition we have won over the years.

We would love to hear from you! We are not just saying this, but we really want to know your thoughts and naturally answer your questions. Scroll down to some parts of our webpage and send us a message.