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Offering certainty in an uncertain word.

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Like everything else these days, it may well not shock you to hear that the debt collection industry is also undergoing continuous change, both in 2022 and beyond. Environmental factors accelerating the transformation are: changes in customer behaviour, runaway inflation, unpredictable regulations, unforeseen shocks, pandemics, and wars. How can financial services navigate through the storm? Can they succeed in turning challenges into opportunities, delivering valuable customer outcomes and stabilising their portfolio in the meantime?

At Loxon, we do our best to acknowledge the main forces that are shaping the debt collection industry nowadays and can have an impact for the future. Together with the professionals of IBS Intelligence, we analyse these factors and their effects to give you a compass pointing you in the right direction. As a Business Solution provider, we place particular emphasis on digitalisation and closely related factors.

Table of contents

  • Key driving forces in the current collections landscape
  • Digital-first approach
  • Advanced analytics-based collections
  • Enabling artificial intelligence
  • Composability, enabling ecosystem collaboration
  • Cloud-based models taking hold in collections