White Paper recommendation: Designing an effective customer centric debt collection process
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Loxon and IBS Intelligence have joined forces once again – and our insights about future-proof debt collection practices continue to inform the financial services industry. After studying the major trends shaping the industry , the result of our renewed collaboration is a fresh white paper that delves into the factors crucial to designing a customer-centric debt collection system. This time, we assert that next-generation collection is effective and at the same time, compassionate. Collection solutions can play an indispensable role in empowering customers to stay on track amid global economic turmoil.

Why read it?

We hope that by reading our paper, managers will gain some essential insights to support their decisions when planning and executing innovation and digital transformation projects relating to debt collection operations. But IT is only one side of the challenge. In trying to bring about the transition to a modern collection experience, banking professionals also must often cope with cultural resistance and sticky old habits. We sincerely hope to arm change makers currently building the future of collection experiences with foundational concepts that will help make the case for action. 

Balancing customer care with efficiency is a great challenge for every bank, and every collection team. Unfortunately, too few banks are equipped with the right technology and collection know-how to provide a positive experience tailored to the needs of individual customers. Especially at the massive scale required when consumers begin to struggle to make ends meet in a cost-of-living squeeze.

This white paper is a must-read for anyone who has a stake in the future of debt collection. Whether you’re a bank executive dealing with innovation and digital transformation, a risk manager, a collections manager, or a customer experience professional, the insights and recommendations outlined in this paper will provide you with a fresh perspective on the subject.

Explore modern collections, designed for experience…

  • Discover the secret to achieving customer satisfaction while improving cashflows in the credit collection process.
  • Learn about how to go beyond traditional segmentation and build connected relationships that anticipate customer needs and emerging risk factors.
  • Find out how to empower customers with personalized ways to solve their debt problems. Especially those who are most vulnerable in today’s cost-of-living crisis.
  • Uncover the key capabilities of modern digital workspaces and the key performance indicators you need to measure success and maintain your edge.
  • Appreciate how recent regulatory trends are influencing future approaches in debt collections.

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